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Amsterdam seeds

Sour diesel is called after its diesel-like aroma. It’s a sativa dominant strain that invigorates the user. Sour gas comes from Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk. Sour Diesel is a quick acting legendary fuel which gives a towering sativa high with uplifting consequences. It helps in relieving stress, pain, fatigue, depression and headaches.

Among the best Cannabis seeds is AK 47 which requires 64 days flowering. The return may vary but is mostly 500 grams per square meter. You may wager a long-lasting high. SOUR DIESEL is another fine seed requiring 68 days flowering. The average yield of these seeds is 550-650 g per square meter. BUBBLEGUM, with a euphoric high contains sweet berry flavor. Its average yield is 450 per square meter.

The founder of this Ontario seed bank, that had the qualification of a trained biologist and pharmacologist, had provided his best efforts in developing the seed using the very best breeding clinic which had opened the option to preserve classic breeds in all its purest kind, This effort had led to winning the most original seeds and highest appreciation whilst moving on forward for more than fifty cups of awards and therefore promoting the site to become the most respected and sought providers of Amsterdam seeds.

Amsterdam seeds suppliers has a great reputation for providing the very best quality in addition to unbelievable range of seeds. The variety of seeds includes strains for medicinal purposes, automobile flowering varieties, classic seeds, feminized hybrids, seeds for outdoor and indoor in addition to those who encourage both, etc.. Niagara Seed Bank also consists of over fifty distinct strains that have been analyzed for quality.